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Campus Experience

Make Mount Holyoke your own

Mount Holyoke is where everyone can be their authentic selves, together. Here you can create your own path while also taking part in the meaningful traditions and welcoming organizations that connect us all. From joining student organizations to celebrating your first Mountain Day, creating your adventure at Mount Holyoke is one of the most exciting parts of life on campus. Whatever experience you design, you鈥檒l come away with new memories, experiences and friends.

Getting involved

There鈥檚 so many ways to take part in life at Mount Holyoke. From student organizations and traditions to athletic events and volunteer opportunities, you can always find a group or activity that sparks your interest.

Three students cheering atop Mount Holyoke

From the quintessential to the quirky, from the time-honored to the timely, our events and traditions are more than just fun 鈥 they鈥檙e how we bond with each other and to Mount Holyoke鈥檚 past, present and future.

Students running a booth for WMHC outside the Blanchard Community Center

We have 100+ student organizations, from the Animal Welfare Association to WMHC, Mount Holyoke鈥檚 radio station since 1951. It鈥檚 easy to start your own organization, too, and our close-knit community means you鈥檒l have new members in no time.

Students meeting in a residence hall living room

Find a community that fits your lifestyle and interests 鈥 from language houses to substance-free living.

A group of runners competing in cross country

Connect with what feels right for your body, whether that鈥檚 on the playing field, at the top of a mountain, in the yoga studio or somewhere else entirely.

A group of students who worked at the Food Bank


Advance causes you care about by joining on-campus groups like MoZone and Peer Health Educators or through a Community-Based Learning opportunity.

A group of students who participated in a Global Challenges conference

Dive deep into subjects that fascinate you through our academic centers. From speakers to workshops and internships, you鈥檒l build new connections and skills that last a lifetime.

Five College Consortium

The Five College Consortium is a great academic opportunity 鈥 and a great social one too. Whether it鈥檚 friendships, extracurriculars or a fresh adventure, there鈥檚 plenty to explore. And since all the campuses are connected with free buses, you can make your social life as big and boundless as you want.

Learn more about the Five College Consortium
The stunning view of the Pioneer Valley from the top of Mount Holyoke on Mountain Day

Beyond campus

If you鈥檙e ready to go beyond the Gates, you鈥檒l find plenty to discover. From beautiful small towns to quintessential New England landscapes, it鈥檚 all a short bus ride, walk or hike from home.

Explore beyond our campus