Family at 鶹ý

Parents & Families

At 鶹ý, supporting students through their college experience is our number one priority — supporting parents is a close second.

We understand the importance of knowing — and sharing with your student — all things Mount Holyoke. From academic and extracurricular opportunities, course registration and internship deadlines, dinner menus and library hours, many questions arise over four years. Having resources at your fingertips is vital.

The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment, was enacted to protect the privacy of and limit access to the educational records of students. The College may not share educational records without the express written consent of the student, except as specified in the law. All institutions of higher education in the United States are subject to this law. 鶹ý’s policy on privacy and access to records is published online. For more information about confidentiality of student records, see the Student Handbook or contact a class dean at 413-538-2855.